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TechValidate Content Showcased at VMworld 2015

Here at TechValidate, we love seeing our clients using their survey content out in the real world. Our Sales Team recently attended VMworld 2015 and were pleasantly surprised to see TechValidate assets being used in various presentations and marketing materials. Check out how NETSCOUT, ThinPrint, and PCoIP Management used their TechValidate Research at this year’s VMworld:

NETSCOUT highlighted their strong statistics and charts in their VMworld slideshow presentation. They reformatted their TechValidate content and added additional graphics and flair.
ThinPrint showcased their different TechValidate charts by embedding them directly into their slideshow. The charts featured their great value propositions and served as the focal point of their booth at the trade show.
image2  image3
PCoIP Management 
PCoIP Management promoted themselves by flaunting the excellent infographic they created using TechValidate statistics. They were able to reinforce what makes them special and how they save their customers time.