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CPI Puts Customer Feedback on Display with Outcomes Hub

Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) is an international training organization for HR best practices and safe behavior management methods. With customers spanning businesses, school districts, dementia facilities, and more, CPI wanted to shine a spotlight on its customers’ successes—so they used their impressive collection of TechValidate content to build an Outcomes Hub for prospective customers.

The page puts customer data on display while helping drive traffic to CPI’s website and providing the sales team with a persuasive tool for engaging prospects. Featuring drop-down menus to filter by state, topic, or industry, the Outcomes Hub helps internal employees, customers, and prospects alike filter through the mountains of feedback collected through TechValidate. CPI also leverages LinkedIn and their blog to share TechValidate assets from the 73,033 data points they’ve collected over 18 TechValidate surveys to date.

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