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yp-Presence Plus gets validation that it gives personal time back to customers with TechValidate

YP had talked to their customers. They had heard some amazing stories about how their product, ypPresence Plus, which helps their clients quickly and easily manage their online presence in a single dashboard, was literally life changing. Their problem: those stories sounded too good to be true to their prospects.

That’s where TechValidate came in. The goals from their initial survey were two-fold. They wanted to publish data that clearly conveyed the challenges that small business owners experienced in managing their online presence before ypPresence. Also, they needed credible proof in the form of statistical evidence to showcase the results that their clients were seeing with ypPresence Plus. Some of these benefits included dramatic increases in exposure, time savings, and cost savings.

Within days of launching their project, they had over 300 responses from their customers. Once the survey results came back, the team turned their focus towards using the quotes, statistics, and case studies in blog posts, e-guides, and infographics. These assets fueled their prospect nurture campaign.

By sharing customer sourced data points throughout the buyer’s journey, YP is targeting a more engaging and valuable dialogue with prospects. Ultimately, by having this type of believable customer proof points, they are aiming to reduce their sales cycle and increase the conversion rate of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) into paying customers.

This blog post was the first way they injected qualitative and quantitative proof of their value propositions from TechValidate into their marketing collateral.