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Hitachi Flash Blog Post

After running a successful survey on Hitachi Flash, the team was able to compile a blog post to showcase why actual buyers purchased, and what they had to say about the product. Incorporating charts and statistics, as well as images, keeps this post fresh and engaging.

Whitepaper & Datasheets

Lexis Advance Datasheet

LexisNexis has been working with TechValidate for four years. They were able to highlight one of their key products, Lexis Advance in a one-page data sheet, which was shared with the sales team. This sheet showcases the best statistics and quotes about their product, by taking their TechValidate content and re-purposing it into their own format. […]

Blogs & Websites

VersionOne Blog Post on DevOps Trends

VersionOne surveyed their customers specifically on DevOps adoption trends. They wanted to understand and overcome the barriers to adopting DevOps, and gather additional insights. Check out the blog post for the compiled results:

Blogs & Websites

LexisNexis Advance Website

LexisNexis has been working with TechValidate for four years. Specifically, they recently needed additional content on their LexisNexis Advance product. Once the data came back, they were able to compile the most compelling quotes and case studies onto a resource page on their website. The sales team has been using this page to share with […]

Trade Shows

Evidera Trade Show Brochure

Evidera is one of the preeminent commercial entities analyzing the value of health treatments within the global health industry. After running a project with TechValidate, they produced a library of content filled with strong statistics and customer quotes, some of which they used in curating an attractive handout as a takeaway for a trade show.

Social Media

CrashPlan Uses LinkedIn For Product Awareness

LinkedIn has become a primary tool for professional networking and fostering business relationships. Including customer testimonials on your LinkedIn company page is a great way to jazz up your pofile while providing direct quotes on how awesome your product or service is. CrashPlan used quotes generated from their TechValidate project to give validation and credibility […]

Research Portals & Collections

Tintri Collections Increases Lead Interest

Tintri originally wanted more customer content to drive sales, as well as improve their overall demand generation email campaigns. After surveying their broad customer base, they were able to use embedded collections on the “resource” section of their website to showcase the results. From this resource section, they’ve seen an increase in sales team members […]

Research Portals & Collections

LexisNexis: Industry Specific Content

LexisNexis was facing serious demand for vertical specific customer evidence for their new product Lexis Advance. They ran a TechValidate outeach project, targeting federal and state government customers, to generate content specifically from this industry. They were able to package this industry specific content in Research Portals that armed their sales team to reach potential prospects […]

Blogs & Websites

Insightly Website: Reformat TechValidate Content

Do you want to use TechValidate content on your corporate website, but need it in your own branding? Check out this example from Insightly, who wanted to use their TechValidate content but needed to add their own graphical flare for the content used directly on their website. They recreated a powerful TechValidate chart in their […]

Blogs & Websites

Actifio Rejuvenates Website With Customer Testimonials

Actifio needed to revitalize their website and knew the biggest impact they could achieve would be direct validation from their own customers. They ran a project with TechValidate to gather customer insights and other value proposition assets that could be showcased on their webpage. Actifio sprinkled in TechValidate content alongside short videos that they created on a dedicated, pin board-style “Customers” […]

Press Releases

Tealium Validates Success Claims in Press Release

Tealium needed impactful content to include in their October, 2014 press release to highlight their product successes for that quarter. After running their first TechValidate survey, Tealium published this press release to showcase their results from the feedback gathered from their customers. Citing their TechValidate research just as you would any other 3rd party research, Tealium […]

Press Releases

aPriori Press Release: Challenges Validated With Statistics

aPriori, a provider of enterprise product cost management software solutions, surveyed their customers about opportunities and challenges manufacturers face in their product cost management efforts. Citing their TechValidate findings by their unique TVIDs in this January 2015 press release, aPriori separated their results into organized sections, including one focusing on impressive customer testimonials.

Press Releases

Intacct Press Release: Vertical Specific Content

Intacct is seeing a ton of momentum with the non-profits and sought to accelerate this growth with PR and awareness about the results their customers in that space have. By slicing data by industry, they generated tons of customer evidence to leverage in social and PR. In this press release, Intacct highlights quantitative and qualitative […]

Blogs & Websites

SolarWinds Amps Up Website With Customer Reviews

SolarWinds, a developer of IT management software, faced a common challenge of needing customer testimonials with positive feedback that could be displayed on their website. They partnered with TechValidate to gather customer quotes and statistics, and from just one 10 question survey they were able to publish over 50 customer testimonials. Below you can see how the SolarWinds team […]


SnapLogic Webinar: Becoming a Thought Leader in Cloud Space

SnapLogic wanted to be a thought leader in the cloud space, as well as create content for an integrated campaign, including a webinar, press release and whitepaper. They conducted a survey of global enterprise customers with TechValidate on SaaS integration and cloud adoption to gain insight and tangible assets for why their customers support the […]