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Cryptzone Fuels Integrated Marketing Campaign with Market Research Content

Cryptzone is a global leader in network security and protection, offering data security, content governance, and app security solutions for data protection. To disrupt the market and really position themselves as a thought leader in the security space, they needed to quickly gather top of the funnel content to present it at the RSA conference. They ran a market research […]

Short Videos

Navis Short Video: Validated With High Level Statistics

Navis was looking for customer insights on why they chose Navis N4 and the success they had after using their product. Check out this short product video that Navis was able to create using high-level statistics and robust quantitative data points generated from their first TechValidate outreach project. They advertised this video at their Navis World user conference, as […]


Corvil Enhances eBook With Customer Testimonials

Corvil originally came to TechValidate with the challenge of getting their customers to go on the record and speak to their experience with Corvil. After conducting their first TechValidate survey, they were able to generate a ton of customer testimonials and drop them into their “Soul Book” to outline what Corvil users are saying. They […]


EMC eBook: Information Availability

EMC sent a TechValidate outreach project about their content management solution, specifically with their energy and engineering customer base. Their overall goal was to pull out some pivotal statistics and customer quotes / case studies to validate product and service claims. From the survey results, they were able to take these key metrics and package it up into […]


NetBase eBook Validates Industry Leadership

NetBase wanted to provide unique insights into how customers could be utilizing social media monitoring and social analytics by identifying customers to ratify their marketing claims. One of the biggest challenges they faced was highlighting customer success stories and ROI. The goal of their TechValidate project was to take the collected customer evidence and create an […]


Adeptia Thought Leader Infographic

Adeptia leveraged TechValidate to survey more than 150 U.S. companies about the top mission-critical success factors for IT and Business in 2015 and beyond. They were able to create this informative thought leader infographic using all of the key findings from their survey on those mission-critical factors, top business benefits, and cost savings for IT professionals.


Akamai Infographic: Competitive Differentiation

Akamai Technologies, a cloud services provider, recently conducted a TechValidate survey to produce several competitive differentiation data points and address the top challenges they solve for customers. They were able to take their key findings and strong customer quotes and insert them into a nice visual infographic that reinforces their messaging and states key reasons why customers choose Akamai […]


EMC Infographic: Key Reasons to Choose EMC Captiva

The EMC Captiva group conducted a survey with TechValidate to generate strong proof points of why customers choose Captiva and their top business benefits over time. Using these high-level statistics from the survey, they were able to create their own branded infographic that highlights some of the strongest marketing evidence coming from their customers about the use of Captiva.