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Email Campaign

Act-On uses TechValidate Content in Sales Emails

Wondering how your sales team can leverage TechValidate content? A great feature of the TechValidate tool is the Salesforce Content Integration, which gives your sales team access to your entire Content Library directly from their own instance of Salesforce. Act-On recently activated their TechValidate Salesforce Integration. They have seen quick adoption from their sales force, […]

Email Campaign

Itiviti Boosts Demand Gen Efforts with Infographic

Itiviti delivers trading infrastructure and solutions to trading firms, banks, brokers, and institutional clients who rely on Itiviti’s technology and expertise for streamlining daily operations while gaining a competitive edge in global markets. Itiviti turned to TechValidate with a need for customer content to boost their lead and demand generation efforts. After generating over 50 pieces of customer […]

Email Campaign

IGT Leverages Content in Lead Gen Efforts

Here is a great example from IGT of how their Marketo campaign managers leveraged their TechValidate content in their lead gen efforts. They recently sent out an email campaign validating a concern their prospects/customers might have along with a podcast/deep-dive interview with one of their reference volunteers.

Email Campaign

HP Uses TechValidate Content in Email Outreach Campaign

We encourage our customers to use their TechValidate content in as many marketing and sales enablement initiatives as possible. Common areas we see content being used are in blog posts, press releases, website revamping, social media engagement, and the list goes on and on. HP initiated an email campaign for their sales team to reach out to […]