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CPI Puts Customer Feedback on Display with Outcomes Hub

Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) is an international training organization for HR best practices and safe behavior management methods. With customers spanning businesses, school districts, dementia facilities, and more, CPI wanted to shine a spotlight on its customers’ successes—so they used their impressive collection of TechValidate content to build an Outcomes Hub for prospective customers. The page puts customer data on […]

Research Portals & Collections

BMC Software Enables Sales Team with Research Portal

A common challenge we hear from customers is the inability to arm their sales team with relevant content in such a way that will be utilized by team members. BMC Software, a long time TechValidate customer, needed a way to get all the great content they created into the hands of their sales team while using a practical method that would encourage […]

Lead Generation/Nurturing

Nexsan Amplifies Lead Generation Efforts With TechValidate

Nexsan was looking for a boost to their lead generation effectors. They used a TechValidate outreach project to focus on hard-hitting financial and operational metrics from their customer base. These published findings were then used to draw more attention to their registration page and also as the offer behind the registration wall. Here you can […]

Research Portals & Collections

Tintri Collections Increases Lead Interest

Tintri originally wanted more customer content to drive sales, as well as improve their overall demand generation email campaigns. After surveying their broad customer base, they were able to use embedded collections on the “resource” section of their website to showcase the results. From this resource section, they’ve seen an increase in sales team members […]

Research Portals & Collections

LexisNexis: Industry Specific Content

LexisNexis was facing serious demand for vertical specific customer evidence for their new product Lexis Advance. They ran a TechValidate outeach project, targeting federal and state government customers, to generate content specifically from this industry. They were able to package this industry specific content in Research Portals that armed their sales team to reach potential prospects […]