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SnapLogic Webinar: Becoming a Thought Leader in Cloud Space

SnapLogic wanted to be a thought leader in the cloud space, as well as create content for an integrated campaign, including a webinar, press release and whitepaper. They conducted a survey of global enterprise customers with TechValidate on SaaS integration and cloud adoption to gain insight and tangible assets for why their customers support the […]

Blogs & Websites

Fleetmatics Engages Prospects & Customers With Facebook Post

Facebook continues to be the dominating champ of social media sites, making it an ideal place to embed marketing content that interacts with your customers. Fleetmatics uses Facebook as a key channel to reach their customers and prospects. Using content generated from their TechValidate project, they are able to post interesting industry articles and blog posts to engage […]

Social Media

Arena’s “Snackable” Tweets

In order to stay on top of the 24/7 demand for social content, Arena Solutions frequently tweets out TechValidate content with the hashtag #techfactfriday. In a world where the consumer’s attention span only lasts a matter of seconds, Arena was able to send out interesting and fun “snackable” pieces of content that are relevant to […]

Whitepaper & Datasheets

Insightly Whitepaper: Middle of Funnel Content

A successful marketing campaign needs captivating content that engages prospects throughout the different stages of the purchasing cycle. Insightly, a CRM system for small businesses, needed strong marketing content to fuel their demand generation campaigns, looking to increase their lead conversion rates and turn more prospects into customers. They teamed up with TechValidate to validate […]


Adeptia Thought Leader Infographic

Adeptia leveraged TechValidate to survey more than 150 U.S. companies about the top mission-critical success factors for IT and Business in 2015 and beyond. They were able to create this informative thought leader infographic using all of the key findings from their survey on those mission-critical factors, top business benefits, and cost savings for IT professionals.


EMC Infographic: Key Reasons to Choose EMC Captiva

The EMC Captiva group conducted a survey with TechValidate to generate strong proof points of why customers choose Captiva and their top business benefits over time. Using these high-level statistics from the survey, they were able to create their own branded infographic that highlights some of the strongest marketing evidence coming from their customers about the use of Captiva.