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Inspirage Exhibits Success Stories on Website

Inspirage had an organizational challenge of acquiring customer testimonials and building out their customer reference directory. They had happy customers, but no way of reaching out to those clients to hear feedback directly from the source. After running their first survey with TechValidate, they created a library of valuable customer content, including tens of testimonials and a list […]

Blogs & Websites

Panasas Website: Verticalized Marketing Content

Panasas partnered with TechValidate to accomplish a number of objectives: They have great customers, but not a lot of reference materials that tell the customer story; they needed vertical-specific marketing content that targeted particular verticals/industries. These verticals/industries included media & entertainment, life sciences, manufacturing, government, education, research, and energy/oil/gas. From their first project, Panasas was able […]

Blogs & Websites

SolarWinds Amps Up Website With Customer Reviews

SolarWinds, a developer of IT management software, faced a common challenge of needing customer testimonials with positive feedback that could be displayed on their website. They partnered with TechValidate to gather customer quotes and statistics, and from just one 10 question survey they were able to publish over 50 customer testimonials. Below you can see how the SolarWinds team […]

Whitepaper & Datasheets

BMC Software Industry Specific Whitepaper

BMC Software wanted to focus their demand generation campaign on growing industries and needed targeted content. They specifically wanted to focus on Retail, Financial Services, Professional Services, Food and Beverage, Events, Pharmaceuticals, and Military. The focal point for this TechValidate project was BMC’s Middleware Management solutions. After successfully running this project, not only did they […]


Corvil Enhances eBook With Customer Testimonials

Corvil originally came to TechValidate with the challenge of getting their customers to go on the record and speak to their experience with Corvil. After conducting their first TechValidate survey, they were able to generate a ton of customer testimonials and drop them into their “Soul Book” to outline what Corvil users are saying. They […]


EMC eBook: Information Availability

EMC sent a TechValidate outreach project about their content management solution, specifically with their energy and engineering customer base. Their overall goal was to pull out some pivotal statistics and customer quotes / case studies to validate product and service claims. From the survey results, they were able to take these key metrics and package it up into […]


EMC Infographic: Key Reasons to Choose EMC Captiva

The EMC Captiva group conducted a survey with TechValidate to generate strong proof points of why customers choose Captiva and their top business benefits over time. Using these high-level statistics from the survey, they were able to create their own branded infographic that highlights some of the strongest marketing evidence coming from their customers about the use of Captiva.