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Blogs & Websites

Schneider Electric Unmasks Industry Wins With Research Collections

Electric SimSci originally came to TechValidate to face their new vertical based marketing initiative head on and solve for their lack of industry specific content. The sales team was constantly knocking at their door to get content to help fuel conversations with prospects. With the Oil & Gas industry making up a large part of […]

Trade Shows

Schneider Electric Leverages Content To Promote Conference

Schneider Electric SimSci provides simulation software for process design, training, and optimization that leads to operational excellence. Every year they host a “Simulation for Business Excellence” conference in Pasadena, CA and this year they were tasked with the challenge to quickly promote the conference and increase their attendance/registration numbers. We ran a brief customer baseline survey to […]

Trade Shows

Evidera Trade Show Brochure

Evidera is one of the preeminent commercial entities analyzing the value of health treatments within the global health industry. After running a project with TechValidate, they produced a library of content filled with strong statistics and customer quotes, some of which they used in curating an attractive handout as a takeaway for a trade show.

Blogs & Websites

Citrix Refreshes Website with Customer Content

Citrix wanted to revamp their website, specifically for their GoToWebinar product page. They implemented best practices for reformatting their TechValidate content to create graphics and testimonial displays that hold true to the third-party validation offered from TechValidate. Check out their website to see how they seamlessly incorporated customer claims into their newly designed web page.

Whitepaper & Datasheets

BeyondTrust Landing Page: Drive Registration for White Paper

One of BeyondTrust’s main objectives with TechValidate is to create content to fuel their lead generation and demand generation campaigns. One of those content pieces was a white paper highlighting the voice of their customers, which they have successfully been offering through campaigns to nurture existing leads and uncover new leads. Check out their impressive landing page encouraging […]

Email Campaign

IGT Leverages Content in Lead Gen Efforts

Here is a great example from IGT of how their Marketo campaign managers leveraged their TechValidate content in their lead gen efforts. They recently sent out an email campaign validating a concern their prospects/customers might have along with a podcast/deep-dive interview with one of their reference volunteers.

Research Portals & Collections

Tintri Collections Increases Lead Interest

Tintri originally wanted more customer content to drive sales, as well as improve their overall demand generation email campaigns. After surveying their broad customer base, they were able to use embedded collections on the “resource” section of their website to showcase the results. From this resource section, they’ve seen an increase in sales team members […]

Press Releases

aPriori Press Release: Challenges Validated With Statistics

aPriori, a provider of enterprise product cost management software solutions, surveyed their customers about opportunities and challenges manufacturers face in their product cost management efforts. Citing their TechValidate findings by their unique TVIDs in this January 2015 press release, aPriori separated their results into organized sections, including one focusing on impressive customer testimonials.

Whitepaper & Datasheets

Insightly Whitepaper: Middle of Funnel Content

A successful marketing campaign needs captivating content that engages prospects throughout the different stages of the purchasing cycle. Insightly, a CRM system for small businesses, needed strong marketing content to fuel their demand generation campaigns, looking to increase their lead conversion rates and turn more prospects into customers. They teamed up with TechValidate to validate […]

Short Videos

Navis Short Video: Validated With High Level Statistics

Navis was looking for customer insights on why they chose Navis N4 and the success they had after using their product. Check out this short product video that Navis was able to create using high-level statistics and robust quantitative data points generated from their first TechValidate outreach project. They advertised this video at their Navis World user conference, as […]


Corvil Enhances eBook With Customer Testimonials

Corvil originally came to TechValidate with the challenge of getting their customers to go on the record and speak to their experience with Corvil. After conducting their first TechValidate survey, they were able to generate a ton of customer testimonials and drop them into their “Soul Book” to outline what Corvil users are saying. They […]


NetBase eBook Validates Industry Leadership

NetBase wanted to provide unique insights into how customers could be utilizing social media monitoring and social analytics by identifying customers to ratify their marketing claims. One of the biggest challenges they faced was highlighting customer success stories and ROI. The goal of their TechValidate project was to take the collected customer evidence and create an […]