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Gigya Highlights Customer Use Cases

Gigya offers a Customer Identity Management Platform that businesses can use to identify customers, aggregate data, and personalize campaigns. They help companies turn unknown site visitors into known and engaged customers. Gigya turned to TechValidate to capture their customers win stories. From their outreach project Gigya was able to collect and document those wins to create […]

Social Media

4C Insights Increases Customer Engagement With Twitter

4C Insights is changing the world of advertising through unique applications of data science and software engineering. They came to TechValidate with the need to bring more customer voice/use case to their marketing, and with the results from their survey they were thrilled to have the proof points to support this. Using social media channels like Twitter, 4C […]

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VersionOne Blog Post on DevOps Trends

VersionOne surveyed their customers specifically on DevOps adoption trends. They wanted to understand and overcome the barriers to adopting DevOps, and gather additional insights. Check out the blog post for the compiled results:

Social Media

Qlik Publishes Impressive LinkedIn Post

Qlik approached TechValidate with an organizational goal to shift their messaging away from lifeless claims, and give their sales team something that starts a conversation and continues outreach with a prospect. They wanted customer driven content to reflect their “whole story,” specifically content that could be utilized by their social media team. Their first TechValidate project was a huge success, enabling them […]

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Star2Star Uses Customer Evidence to Underscore Competitive Differentiation

The telecommunications industry often struggles with collecting customer content, either for security or customer satisfaction reasons. Star2Star teamed up with TechValidate to create sales collateral from end-users, as well as to validate proof points for recruiting more partners. They hit the ground running and launched two projects side by side, quickly stocking their content library with customer feedback. […]


VersionOne Saturates eBook with TechValidate Content

VersionOne initially teamed up with TechValidate to develop collateral for sales enablement. After running this project, they generated so much great content that they branched out to create email campaigns, presentations, lead nurture campaigns, eBooks, etc. Check out their stellar eBook filled with a ton of customer content!

Blogs & Websites

Progress BravePoint Creates Innovative Slideshow

Progress BravePoint created a unique slideshow to display the TechValidate feedback they gathered from their customers. Check out this awesome page on their website, highlighting customer testimonials and case study snapshots!  

Blogs & Websites

Venafi Generates Feedback From Sensitive Customers

Venafi offers Cybersecurity software with the promise of keeping a company’s data safe and secure. As you can imagine, when you’re in the business of keeping customer content as private as possible, it can be difficult to persuade your customers to speak out about the services you provide. They came to TechValidate with hopes of reaching […]

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Fleetmatics Revamps Website With Content From Spanish Survey

Fleetmatics had a yearly goal of creating more customer content, specifically for a website relaunch which was currently lacking endorsement from their users. They were also challenged with generating sales collateral for the Mexico market their sales team was beginning to sell to. Utilizing the “all you can eat” luxury of their Enterprise subscription, they created a […]


Fleetmatics’ Engaging Newsletter

Fleetmatics came to TechValidate because they needed help creating content that would engage and educate their customers. They faced the challenge of procuring strong customer testimonials, so they launched a project with TechValidate and were thrilled to see the plethora of positive feedback. Highlighting the different product features and value propositions, they were able to create […]

Blogs & Websites

Inspirage Exhibits Success Stories on Website

Inspirage had an organizational challenge of acquiring customer testimonials and building out their customer reference directory. They had happy customers, but no way of reaching out to those clients to hear feedback directly from the source. After running their first survey with TechValidate, they created a library of valuable customer content, including tens of testimonials and a list […]

Whitepaper & Datasheets

BeyondTrust Landing Page: Drive Registration for White Paper

One of BeyondTrust’s main objectives with TechValidate is to create content to fuel their lead generation and demand generation campaigns. One of those content pieces was a white paper highlighting the voice of their customers, which they have successfully been offering through campaigns to nurture existing leads and uncover new leads. Check out their impressive landing page encouraging […]

Blogs & Websites

Insightly Website: Reformat TechValidate Content

Do you want to use TechValidate content on your corporate website, but need it in your own branding? Check out this example from Insightly, who wanted to use their TechValidate content but needed to add their own graphical flare for the content used directly on their website. They recreated a powerful TechValidate chart in their […]

Press Releases

aPriori Press Release: Challenges Validated With Statistics

aPriori, a provider of enterprise product cost management software solutions, surveyed their customers about opportunities and challenges manufacturers face in their product cost management efforts. Citing their TechValidate findings by their unique TVIDs in this January 2015 press release, aPriori separated their results into organized sections, including one focusing on impressive customer testimonials.

Press Releases

Intacct Press Release: Vertical Specific Content

Intacct is seeing a ton of momentum with the non-profits and sought to accelerate this growth with PR and awareness about the results their customers in that space have. By slicing data by industry, they generated tons of customer evidence to leverage in social and PR. In this press release, Intacct highlights quantitative and qualitative […]