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IBM Creates Thought Leadership eBook to Debunk Views on Graph Technology

To gain a real-world perspective on how IT professionals are using graph technology to address challenges across their organizations, IBM partnered with TechValidate to conduct a global survey. The study spanned 74 countries and asked 1,365 entrepreneurs and developers about the potential they see for graph databases. Using content generated by TechValidate, IBM created an […]


OutSystems: Heroes or Villains eBook

Often times, TechValidate customers will create impressive eBooks to improve their overall content marketing strategy. OutSystems really wanted to position themselves as a thought leader and provide valuable expertise to their target audience in the IT space. The eBook they created focused on the hot new IT trend of “Citizen Developers” and the need for digital […]

Blogs & Websites

Videojet Defined as Thought Leader on Website

Videojet Technologies provides in-line printing, coding, and marking products for consumer-facing products. With such a broad product offering, they were challenged with creating marketing content relevant for all the verticals they sell to. They came to TechValidate with ambitions of creating a repository filled with content that proves their key value propositions while satisfying the need […]

Press Releases

Red Hat Press Release Sources TechValidate Content

Red Hat, a long time customer with TechValidate, polled a sample of their global customers to better understand how businesses are organizing themselves for success in the mobile-first economy, as well as to identify the most desired skills across enterprise mobility. After running a thought leadership survey, they created this subsequent press release and sourced their findings back […]


Hitachi Infographic on Cloud Adoption

Hitachi specializes in building innovative technology for business and social prosperity. Being a highly diversified company, they operate multiple business segments, one of the largest being Data Systems. They ran a thought leadership focused TechValidate survey to gather insight from the voice of their customers about concerns and past exposure with cloud based servers. The survey collected customer perceived risks as well as […]


SnapLogic Webinar: Becoming a Thought Leader in Cloud Space

SnapLogic wanted to be a thought leader in the cloud space, as well as create content for an integrated campaign, including a webinar, press release and whitepaper. They conducted a survey of global enterprise customers with TechValidate on SaaS integration and cloud adoption to gain insight and tangible assets for why their customers support the […]


Adeptia Thought Leader Infographic

Adeptia leveraged TechValidate to survey more than 150 U.S. companies about the top mission-critical success factors for IT and Business in 2015 and beyond. They were able to create this informative thought leader infographic using all of the key findings from their survey on those mission-critical factors, top business benefits, and cost savings for IT professionals.