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Tait Communications’ Blog Displays Benefits of Choosing Tait through TechValidate Content

Tait Communications sells and markets radio communications equipment to rescue professionals, law enforcement, utility professionals, and other government organizations. They signed on with TechValidate because creating customer case studies and testimonials came at a high opportunity cost and their sales team was hungry for proof points and value propositions. After running their first TechValidate project, they […]

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ForgeRock Press Release

One of the challenges companies face today are getting their happy customers to go on record. It’s even more difficult when you’re in the identity and access management space, and you have happy customers that can’t go on record. That’s one of the main reasons why ForgeRock purchased TechValidate. From their first project, they found […]


ForgeRock Newsletter

ForgeRock came to TechValidate to help them get meaningful and compelling content to validate their marketing claims. One of there specific challenges is that a lot of their clients are reluctant to put their name on content because they’re in the security space. But with TechValidate, survey recipients have the ability to opt out on putting […]

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Panasas Website: Verticalized Marketing Content

Panasas partnered with TechValidate to accomplish a number of objectives: They have great customers, but not a lot of reference materials that tell the customer story; they needed vertical-specific marketing content that targeted particular verticals/industries. These verticals/industries included media & entertainment, life sciences, manufacturing, government, education, research, and energy/oil/gas. From their first project, Panasas was able […]

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VMTurbo Blog: Compelling Content to Keep Blog Fresh

We often hear that blogging is a key part of an inbound B2B marketing strategy, yet it’s hard to keep posts fresh and relevant. VMTurbo has continually used TechValidate over the last couple of years to fuel multiple marketing initiatives, including providing interesting fodder for blog posts. Here you can see how VMTurbo used statistical […]

Blogs & Websites

Box Infographic: Differentiate From Competitors

Box teamed up with TechValidate to survey their customers on the primary benefits they have experienced since using Box. Out of 320 enterprise respondents, the results clearly indicated that efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness were the more important differentiators. These strong metrics backing up Box marketing claims were used to write a blog and create an infographic […]

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Lancope Whitepaper Educates Prospects

Lancope came to TechValidate in need of compelling content for sales collateral and their demand generation campaign. They ran a TechValidate outreach project focused on their flagship product, StealthWatch, an internal network security monitor. Responding to the need to educate their potential clients on the new threats of network security, they authored this whitepaper which […]

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BMC Software Industry Specific Whitepaper

BMC Software wanted to focus their demand generation campaign on growing industries and needed targeted content. They specifically wanted to focus on Retail, Financial Services, Professional Services, Food and Beverage, Events, Pharmaceuticals, and Military. The focal point for this TechValidate project was BMC’s Middleware Management solutions. After successfully running this project, not only did they […]

Whitepaper & Datasheets

Insightly Whitepaper: Middle of Funnel Content

A successful marketing campaign needs captivating content that engages prospects throughout the different stages of the purchasing cycle. Insightly, a CRM system for small businesses, needed strong marketing content to fuel their demand generation campaigns, looking to increase their lead conversion rates and turn more prospects into customers. They teamed up with TechValidate to validate […]