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Blogs & Websites

Fleetmatics Revamps Website With Content From Spanish Survey

Fleetmatics had a yearly goal of creating more customer content, specifically for a website relaunch which was currently lacking endorsement from their users. They were also challenged with generating sales collateral for the Mexico market their sales team was beginning to sell to. Utilizing the “all you can eat” luxury of their Enterprise subscription, they created a […]


Login VSI Creates Infographic With TechValidate Content

Login VSI needed collateral for creating top-of-the-funnel content. They wanted to fuel their lead generation efforts but lacked an internal library of engaging content. After joining forces with TechValidate and running their first outreach project, they created a repository of content filled with statistics, testimonials, and case studies that they utilized in creating a recent infographic.

Press Releases

VMware Announces New Solution in Press Release

VMware is one of the very first companies to successfully enter the cloud and virtualization software market. Over the years, VMware has turned to TechValidate to create content on upcoming product launches, customer satisfaction, and content to complement blogs and press releases. They ran a survey asking for their customers’ feedback on how their product, VMware Horizon, […]

Press Releases

CareFusion Press Release

Extra extra, read all about it! New CareFusion press release out, announcing its enterprise-level platform is live in more than 600 sites. CareFusion ran a project with TechValidate because, like most large pharmaceutical companies, they were challenged with getting their customers to go on the record. Their survey revealed the ways in which they provide […]

Trade Shows

TechValidate Content Showcased at VMworld 2015

Here at TechValidate, we love seeing our clients using their survey content out in the real world. Our Sales Team recently attended VMworld 2015 and were pleasantly surprised to see TechValidate assets being used in various presentations and marketing materials. Check out how NETSCOUT, ThinPrint, and PCoIP Management used their TechValidate Research at this year’s VMworld: […]

Blogs & Websites

Citrix Refreshes Website with Customer Content

Citrix wanted to revamp their website, specifically for their GoToWebinar product page. They implemented best practices for reformatting their TechValidate content to create graphics and testimonial displays that hold true to the third-party validation offered from TechValidate. Check out their website to see how they seamlessly incorporated customer claims into their newly designed web page.


Fleetmatics’ Engaging Newsletter

Fleetmatics came to TechValidate because they needed help creating content that would engage and educate their customers. They faced the challenge of procuring strong customer testimonials, so they launched a project with TechValidate and were thrilled to see the plethora of positive feedback. Highlighting the different product features and value propositions, they were able to create […]

Whitepaper & Datasheets

BeyondTrust Landing Page: Drive Registration for White Paper

One of BeyondTrust’s main objectives with TechValidate is to create content to fuel their lead generation and demand generation campaigns. One of those content pieces was a white paper highlighting the voice of their customers, which they have successfully been offering through campaigns to nurture existing leads and uncover new leads. Check out their impressive landing page encouraging […]

Email Campaign

IGT Leverages Content in Lead Gen Efforts

Here is a great example from IGT of how their Marketo campaign managers leveraged their TechValidate content in their lead gen efforts. They recently sent out an email campaign validating a concern their prospects/customers might have along with a podcast/deep-dive interview with one of their reference volunteers.

Blogs & Websites

VMTurbo Blog: Compelling Content to Keep Blog Fresh

We often hear that blogging is a key part of an inbound B2B marketing strategy, yet it’s hard to keep posts fresh and relevant. VMTurbo has continually used TechValidate over the last couple of years to fuel multiple marketing initiatives, including providing interesting fodder for blog posts. Here you can see how VMTurbo used statistical […]

Lead Generation/Nurturing

Nexsan Amplifies Lead Generation Efforts With TechValidate

Nexsan was looking for a boost to their lead generation effectors. They used a TechValidate outreach project to focus on hard-hitting financial and operational metrics from their customer base. These published findings were then used to draw more attention to their registration page and also as the offer behind the registration wall. Here you can […]

Lead Generation/Nurturing

Solarwinds Landing Page: Increased Product Trial Downloads

You’ve launched all of these great lead generation campaigns and have successfully directed potential buyers to your website. Now what? After you’ve overcome the hurdle of getting prospects to your landing page, you need to give them reason to go that extra step and sign up for further information. SolarWinds faced a common challenge of […]

Press Releases

Intacct Press Release: Vertical Specific Content

Intacct is seeing a ton of momentum with the non-profits and sought to accelerate this growth with PR and awareness about the results their customers in that space have. By slicing data by industry, they generated tons of customer evidence to leverage in social and PR. In this press release, Intacct highlights quantitative and qualitative […]

Whitepaper & Datasheets

Lancope Whitepaper Educates Prospects

Lancope came to TechValidate in need of compelling content for sales collateral and their demand generation campaign. They ran a TechValidate outreach project focused on their flagship product, StealthWatch, an internal network security monitor. Responding to the need to educate their potential clients on the new threats of network security, they authored this whitepaper which […]

Whitepaper & Datasheets

BMC Software Industry Specific Whitepaper

BMC Software wanted to focus their demand generation campaign on growing industries and needed targeted content. They specifically wanted to focus on Retail, Financial Services, Professional Services, Food and Beverage, Events, Pharmaceuticals, and Military. The focal point for this TechValidate project was BMC’s Middleware Management solutions. After successfully running this project, not only did they […]