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Riverbed Blog Post: Application Performance and ROI

Riverbed had a goal of ramping up their blog page by increasing their cadence and focusing on customer stories. Through their focus on customer stories, they would be able to leverage those customers to help drive further engagement and interaction from the greater audience. Citing statistics and testimonials gathered through a recent outreach project with TechValidate, […]

Blogs & Websites

Citrix Refreshes Website with Customer Content

Citrix wanted to revamp their website, specifically for their GoToWebinar product page. They implemented best practices for reformatting their TechValidate content to create graphics and testimonial displays that hold true to the third-party validation offered from TechValidate. Check out their website to see how they seamlessly incorporated customer claims into their newly designed web page.

Blogs & Websites

Insightly Website: Reformat TechValidate Content

Do you want to use TechValidate content on your corporate website, but need it in your own branding? Check out this example from Insightly, who wanted to use their TechValidate content but needed to add their own graphical flare for the content used directly on their website. They recreated a powerful TechValidate chart in their […]

Press Releases

aPriori Press Release: Challenges Validated With Statistics

aPriori, a provider of enterprise product cost management software solutions, surveyed their customers about opportunities and challenges manufacturers face in their product cost management efforts. Citing their TechValidate findings by their unique TVIDs in this January 2015 press release, aPriori separated their results into organized sections, including one focusing on impressive customer testimonials.

Whitepaper & Datasheets

Lancope Whitepaper Educates Prospects

Lancope came to TechValidate in need of compelling content for sales collateral and their demand generation campaign. They ran a TechValidate outreach project focused on their flagship product, StealthWatch, an internal network security monitor. Responding to the need to educate their potential clients on the new threats of network security, they authored this whitepaper which […]


EMC eBook: Information Availability

EMC sent a TechValidate outreach project about their content management solution, specifically with their energy and engineering customer base. Their overall goal was to pull out some pivotal statistics and customer quotes / case studies to validate product and service claims. From the survey results, they were able to take these key metrics and package it up into […]

Press Releases

Stibo Systems Press Release Positions Them as “World Leader”

Hot off the press! Stibo hit the ground running with their first TechValidate outreach project and published content within 30 days. Stibo highlighted some of their strongest customer proof points in a press release about their recent recognition as a world leader by Software Magazine. These validated proof points included statistics on ROI and some of the operational […]

Blogs & Websites

Extension Healthcare Website: Amped Up with Case Studies

The research phase of the buyer’s journey is taking longer than ever before. Extension Healthcare, a leader in clinical alarm safety and event response solutions, recently created a dedicated case study section on their website that highlights some of their stellar TechValidate results. In addition, they have amassed a ton of metric-based content for their sales team to put in front of […]