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Lancope Makes Customer Success Shine in Monthly Newsletter

Lancope is a leading provider of network visibility and security intelligence to protect enterprises against today’s top threats and attacks. Lancope used TechValidate to gather strong customer evidence about their customer success organization to promote the full-service support they offer with their StealthWatch product. With the data they collected from the survey they were able to […]

Blogs & Websites

Actifio Spotlights Vertical Wins On Website

Actifio helps hundreds of global enterprise customers and service provider partners in more than 30 countries around the world virtualize their data. When Actifio first came to TechValidate, they wanted more vertical specific customer evidence to drive sales as well as improve their overall demand gen campaign efforts. After surveying their customer base, they curated a […]

Trade Shows

Duo Security Swags Out Their Trade Show Booth

Duo Security protects organizations against data breaches by ensuring only legitimate users and appropriate devices have access to sensitive data and applications – anytime, anywhere. After running a project with TechValidate, they produced a mass library of content filled with strong stats and compelling customer quotes from their happiest customers, some of which they used in […]

Blogs & Websites

Code42’s Focus on Competitive Differentiation

Code42’s endpoint data protection solution CrashPlan is just one option in a highly competitive market. To stand out amongst their competitors, Code42’s marketing team wanted to gather proof from their customers to support the claim that CrashPlan was differentiated from the competition. After identifying a segment of their customers who had switched to CrashPlan from a […]

Blogs & Websites

NETSCOUT Creates Voice of the Customer on Website

NETSCOUT faced a plethora of challenges approaching their marketing efforts, including a sensitive client base unwilling to go on the record and an overall lack of customer evidence to drive their lead generation efforts. They compiled interesting and compelling customer facts, figures, and use cases completely derived from a TechValidate survey to display directly on […]


Cryptzone Fuels Integrated Marketing Campaign with Market Research Content

Cryptzone is a global leader in network security and protection, offering data security, content governance, and app security solutions for data protection. To disrupt the market and really position themselves as a thought leader in the security space, they needed to quickly gather top of the funnel content to present it at the RSA conference. They ran a market research […]

Social Media

Thales LinkedIn Post: Industry Leader for Data Security

Thales e-Security faced a common challenge in the data security industry: persuading sensitive clients to openly report on their security platform. Seems impossible, right? Not with TechValidate on their side! After running their first project, with a focus on gathering statistical evidence and voice of the customer, they curated a content library abundant with customer proof points. […]

Blogs & Websites

BeyondTrust fulfills their case study need on their website

Being in the security space, BeyondTrust historically had challenges convincing their happy customers to agree to a case study. Creating more case studies was a big priority because they play an integral part in the sales cycle and act as valuable resources for prospects researching on BeyondTrust’s website.

Blogs & Websites

Venafi Generates Feedback From Sensitive Customers

Venafi offers Cybersecurity software with the promise of keeping a company’s data safe and secure. As you can imagine, when you’re in the business of keeping customer content as private as possible, it can be difficult to persuade your customers to speak out about the services you provide. They came to TechValidate with hopes of reaching […]


Hitachi Infographic on Cloud Adoption

Hitachi specializes in building innovative technology for business and social prosperity. Being a highly diversified company, they operate multiple business segments, one of the largest being Data Systems. They ran a thought leadership focused TechValidate survey to gather insight from the voice of their customers about concerns and past exposure with cloud based servers. The survey collected customer perceived risks as well as […]


ForgeRock Newsletter

ForgeRock came to TechValidate to help them get meaningful and compelling content to validate their marketing claims. One of there specific challenges is that a lot of their clients are reluctant to put their name on content because they’re in the security space. But with TechValidate, survey recipients have the ability to opt out on putting […]

Whitepaper & Datasheets

Lancope Whitepaper Educates Prospects

Lancope came to TechValidate in need of compelling content for sales collateral and their demand generation campaign. They ran a TechValidate outreach project focused on their flagship product, StealthWatch, an internal network security monitor. Responding to the need to educate their potential clients on the new threats of network security, they authored this whitepaper which […]


Akamai Infographic: Competitive Differentiation

Akamai Technologies, a cloud services provider, recently conducted a TechValidate survey to produce several competitive differentiation data points and address the top challenges they solve for customers. They were able to take their key findings and strong customer quotes and insert them into a nice visual infographic that reinforces their messaging and states key reasons why customers choose Akamai […]